The 3D Crystal Square – The Perfect Keepsake

The 3D Crystal Square pays homage to the classic photo shape of the instant camera. This gorgeous piece encases your precious memories in crystal. Its timeless style and elegant design will never go out of style. You’ll be proud to show it off to friends and family. This piece also makes a unique gift for someone special.

Custom engraved 3D photo pendants

Custom engraved 3D photo pendants are an excellent way to show your love. If your loved one has a favorite photo, engrave it on a crystal square necklace. The photo will be converted into 3D, and can feature both people and pets. However, you should be aware of the number of faces the pendant can hold.

There are several ways to engrave 3D photos on a crystal square. Some people choose to laser engrave photos on them. These are great keepsakes for any occasion and are ideal gifts for loved ones. These can be given as birthday presents, anniversary gifts, and corporate gifts. In addition, they make great event mementos and promotional paperweights. You can even add special text or logos to them!

Custom engraved 3D photo pendants for a crystal square can be an excellent gift for anyone. Custom engraved pendants can be engraved with two pictures, making them perfect gifts for grandparents or children. They are also a great way to remember a special memory.

Rectangular crystal blocks

A 3D crystal keepsake can be a beautiful and memorable gift. If you would like to personalize your crystal, you can include a photograph or image of a loved one. Your photo can feature a person, a pet, or any small object. You can add a prefix of 3D to your photo to make the design more personalized. If you wish to include several images, be sure not to exceed the number of faces permitted for the size of the crystal square.

The 3D Laser Engraved Optic Crystal Rectangle Block is a great way to add depth to your 3D photo. These blocks are available in a variety of sizes. You can also order them in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Both orientations come with a contemporary LED Light Base, which allows each detail to shine.

Personalized necklaces

There are a variety of ways to personalize your 3D Crystal Square personalized necklace. You can add an engraved image or a laser-etched inscription to make it truly unique and special. A personalized necklace will make a lasting impression and will surely become a treasured possession for your special someone. These beautiful and meaningful necklaces are made from the finest quality crystals and are designed by an expert designer with care. Each one is personally checked for quality and perfection to ensure your gift is a real masterpiece.

Personalizing your crystal necklace is not only a unique way to add sparkle to any outfit, but it is also a great way to remember special occasions. You can add pictures of family members or friends to create a stunning personalized gift for a loved one. Alternatively, you can create a special memory inside the crystal necklace using the ArtPix 3D service.